Welcome To The New You

I am so excited you have chosen this path to become the best possible YOU!

Our program offers predictable transformation, and as your coach I am honored to be a part of your journey.    

Our OPTAVIA Community is only one of the amazing components we offer.   

I just invited you to our private Facebook page. If you have not received the invite then you can find us here. This page will help you along your health journey.   It would be great if you would accept the invite and then pop in there and look around.    

Here are the First Steps as we prepare for your transformation!

Watch this Welcome Video from Dr. A https://youtu.be/nrCYdAvwld0, and then be sure to have these items on hand.

  1. A Food scale: this is to weigh your lean protein and is not optional – it’s ESSENTIAL!   Here is a simple one that will work for all your needs on this journey.  
  2. A Scale to weigh YOU: Digital is best. Here is a link if you don’t already have scales for you. These have been chosen as they are suitable for up to 400lbs.
  3. Go to https://answers.optavia.com/help and click on PROGRAM Guides to print these docs:       Condiment List – Vegetarian Information Sheet – Vegetable Conversion Chart (weigh your vegetables for accuracy)  
  4. When your box arrives, locate the OPTAVIA Guide and look at pages 14-21.  Here is the online version of the OPTAVIA guide to save to your phone: https://optaviamedia.com/pdf/LEARN/32240-GUI_OPTAVIA-Guide.pdf

Reach out with any questions, I am your Health Coach, and I am here for you!