Simple Tips For Developing Your Personal Philosophy

Ask yourself, “do I have a personal philosophy”. Whether you can effectively articulate it yet, or not. Its is more than likely, that you do. A personal philosophy provides a level of clarity and direction throughout our daily lives that helps us set a clear vision and path to achieving our goals.

Why should I discover my personal philosophy?

Creating a personal philosophy, is understanding how to set a vision. As you explore yours you will learn your character strengths and how these are central to improving and optimizing your mindset. This will help harmonize your daily life and create happiness as you move to wards your life long dreams.

So lets get started with your individual personal philosophy!

  • Start with around 20 to 30 words. If it feels right at the length, okay. If it feels like too much, then shave it down to what feels right for you.
  • Write it down and read it repeatedly. Does it sound right?
  • If one of your most intimate relationships heard your personal philosophy, would they agree with what you’ve written?
  • Ask yourself why. If there is no why or how behind the concepts in your philosophy…is that really your philosophy?

Now you have worked though these four stages go-ahead and share it with me by using the form below. We can then connect and help align you with techniques to harmonize what it is you seek in life.

Have an amazing day!