Client Celebration Call 

Direct coach 

-Introduce the mentor 

-Ask how the week went 

-Celebrate wins 

-My mentor will go over what to expect in week 2 

Coaches Mentor

-Recelebrate wins 

-Offer tips for week 2 (water intake, skipping fuelings, watch condiments and healthy fats, keep it simple lean and green, lifebook)

-Have you been notified of your next order? Email should be coming. Your coach will help make sure you are clear on next steps to customize and make sure you have enough 

-Referral program to save on your next order – people are going to ask what you’re doing. You are going to be showing up differently in your life. Anyone you send to you coach that is ready to get started you will get $25 per new client towards your next order 

-Client weigh day post $10/25 just for doing the post save money for your next order. You can say

Im one week on my health journey and I’m down ____ pounds!!! feeling fantastic thanks to my coach for supporting me on my journey. 

Anyone that signs up you will get more money off next order 

You’re going to be asked all the time might as well get paid for it. 

Is that something you’d be interested in? 

If they say yes!  I’m going to be honest with 

You if you take the referral credit your coach is actually essentially going to be stealing money from you and let’s face it you will probably end up being your friends or family members coach already. 

Business opportunity that is very lucrative.  And you get paid to help others which is the best. Share your coaching story. 

Guess what do you think was my income last year for coaching. 

Share my clients story Vicki and my own story 

Time to be successful 45-1 a day 

Is this something you’re interested in? Any questions? 

If this is something you want to do we will co-coach with you. You don’t have to know everything we will walk with you 

No need to wait until goal weight- I’m not trying to sell you this I don’t get paid a penny if you become a coach today. But those who choose to coach while they’re on their journey have the opportunity to share their story as they go. 

I don’t care when you sign up it’s totally up to you. But are most successful coaches choose to coach while they’re on their journey. 

-let’s touch base next week see how you did next week 

-so many don’t like social media worth it helping People